KIDS CLUB DAYCARE  - Great Curriculum, Nutritious Meals and Small Loving Group
 Bright baby Experience For Infants:
 Goals:To support each child’s growth and development through
  • Creating a warm and welcoming environment,
  • Ensuring the health of each child,
  • Providing activities that encourage growth and development,
  • Using routines as opportunities to grow and learn,
  • Forming positive relationships with each child and his or her family, and
  • Planning and implementing a program that meets the needs of children and their families.
 Our activities engage and stimulate infants through
  * social interactions
  * talking                              
  * playing
  * moving
  * singing
  * reading
Activities cover all aspects of infant development:
  * physical
  * emotional
  * social
  * intellectual
Curriculum for  Toddlers:
   *Answers simple questions about a story ,rhyme ,or song
  *Sorts items by shape , colors and size
  *Begins to understand time sequence of daily routines
  *Uses object and tools
  *Uses crayons , markers ,  and paintbrush with increasing control
  *talks about art creations
  *Recognizes ways living things interact with the environment
  * Name different shapes, lines ,forms and materials
  *learn alphabets and numbers
 Pre-K Programe:
  • Name recognition both first and last
  • Learn phone number and address
  • The opportunity to explore writing their name
  • Phoenomic awareness
  • One to one correspondence from 1-100 depending on child
  • Upper and lower case letter recognition and penmanship
  • Snap, Buckle, Tie, Button, Zip
  • and so much more.
Sample Meal Plan         
 The following menus are examples of meals served in my home and meet the guidelines of the USDA and the federal food program. If a child is not able to have certain required foods or milk a special diet form must be singed by the physician.
 * Note: that special needs diets must be supplied by the parents.
Children are offered food from each food group and encouraged to try new things , however , if they do not want to eat something they are not required to do so.
Breakfast:Bread or Bread alternate
                   100% Fruit Juice, fruit or vegetable
Lunch:     Meat or meat alternate 
                   Bread or Bread alternate
                   2 servings of Fruit /or Vegetable
 Snack:   Serve Atleast
                   2 of 4 groups:   Meat or Meat alternate 
                   Bread or Bread alternate
                   100% Fruit juice,Fruit,Vegetable
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